The Team


Jean-audouin (JD) duval, Executive chef

JD is a self-taught cook. Passionate about his food, his focus is on the construction and deconstruction of the each dish presented to his guests. His life has taken him to around the world which has impacted his menus and flavor profiles. Retired from over 30+ years in field emergency medicine and emergency medicine education. JD receives immense joy and pride from feeding others.


marla pix .jpg

Marla Gilman, Guest Chef

Marla is a professionally trained chef, friend and owner of Northern Feast Catering. She can be found during the summer & fall months working the farmer's markets, providing her Long Table Dinners and private events.


Katherine Fuchs, Chef mentor

Kathy is the Executive Chef and co-owner of the very successful Australian restaurants The Thirsty Koala in New York City. I strive to have her work ethic and passion on a daily basis!