My Yin & Yang of Life

Hiatus#3 Update:

Its been nearly a month now.. I seem to be managing this to the best of my abilities. Huge shout out to those of you who helped me in those early weeks, God Bless You All!! My entire Ortho team is happy with my progress and well, I wish someone could tell that to my knee LOL.. All in all, I've been pushing myself and focusing on getting back up to speed until I return to the knife for round number two in late Sept << inserting deep breath here>>.

My Yin & Yang:

My Yin - I'm constantly astonished by some of the people that cross my path. A few of my  20+ something year olds friends have branches out to follow their dreams and have crushed it in the process! God I love success stories, especially when these women have that "IT FACTOR". It's so awesome to see and I revel in supporting them 100%. I have had a few start ups in my day, enjoyed the successes that I've been blessed with and a few failures as well. Entrepreneurship run deep in my veins. I also have recently met some truly wonderful people around my small corner of the world. It's such a pleasure to know you guys are here!!

My Yang - I'm also astonished by some people and not in a good way. I'm dumbfounded to be honest. I simply cannot wrap my brain around some people's actions and/or non-actions. It's so foreign to me. Like I'm living in another century or social construct or more appropriately another country. We unfortunately live in a world of instant gratification in social media. We live with constant bombardment of paranoia and deception from all directions. However, for those of us in this world who strive to be genuine, who do not have some weird underlying agenda that rules their lives.. we're screwed. I know that this is such a small portion of humanity out there, but it seems I've been running across more than my share lately. To say I'm disappointed, is a bit of an understatement. Am I just being naive? Maybe. Good Lord I know I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I think after 62 years I've earned the right not to put up with it.

And so, as I wrap this up, I want to end this on a positive note.  Many of you might not be on FB, Instagram Etc.. therefor, I want to make sure that you know about the newest addition to a great food option while traveling in the ADK. Especially Lake Placid!! Do not hesitate to stop in and sample the fare at Bliss & Vinegar! This is an exceptional store filled with scratch farm to table foods, herbals, baked breads and a great vibe built by my friend/chef Jen! Trust me you will not be disappointed!!

Zoey Eggs home made sourdough, farm eggs, KZ kraut, Dutch Knuckle cheese, maple smoked kale,

Zoey Eggs home made sourdough, farm eggs, KZ kraut, Dutch Knuckle cheese, maple smoked kale,

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