Quest for Inner Peace


Brief Knee Update:

The new knee has finally calmed down a bit, which has enabled me to focus a bit more on cooking and some cool R&D. My Instagram account has some cool food porn for those of you who are interested. It does appear that my medical team wants to hold off until the middle of November for the next surgery of the right knee. This does place some constriction on my abilities to start The8Top when I wanted to. I will keep you all in the loop on that one. For now we continue to be tortured via my PT and hope for the best.

Bread & Muffing for Charity Update:

I was able to donate ($156.00) to the Adirondack Community Outreach Food Pantry program last month. Thank you all so much for your donations!! The next local charity will be :

NY Essex County Meals-on-Wheels Program - Office of the Aging

Quest for Inner Peace

As some of you know I have been using CALM as a tool to shut down the 100 mph brain I have on a daily basis. It's been a productive tool and one I recommend as an easy introduction to mindful mediation. It does take some internal will-power to be consistent. Like anything worth doing for yourself, you need to have some focus. I've never been much for the eclectic tools of self awareness. With so many options in this world to investigate now, it's a bit overwhelming. CALM was a good start.

Most people have religious constructs imprinted into their psyche at an early age via their parents' own personal beliefs. This is basically the norm around the world I'd say. However, I did not have a "normal" upbringing, to say the least. My parents never pushed any doctrines onto me. I was left to my own quest. Looking back over my early years, I have at times, regretted their philosophy. In youth you tend to search for answers and if left to fend for yourself, you are likely to make some questionable decisions. I was no exception. My only rock solid and non-judgemental outside influence during my youth (1968-71) was North Country School. NCS did set in stone who I am today. Life is complicated and it took a few decades to truly surface into my persona. Fast forward, what seems like a 100 years, I now cherish my non-construct of any "normal doctrine". It has enabled me to investigate other view points without prejudgemnet or guilt.

Lately I've allowed myself to feel a draw to finding some inner peace. This is a new concept for me and one I've resisted at times. Life kinda gets in the way. Your own head gets in the way! However, it seems that these days I'm constantly veering back to this Quest for Inner Peace. Coming to terms with many external thoughts, I've dismissed things that do not align with my personal sensibilities and inner beliefs. In addition, I've dismissed those external things which I thought I needed to make me happy. It's been a bit of a revelation in terms of my internal calmness. I must admit, these expulsions have lightened my mind. Allowing me to enjoy the present. 

I have been blessed with so many great life experiences around the world. I've met and befriended many people who've influenced me in someway or another to make me a better person. I'm now enjoying the exploration of  new ideas and philosophies. That's what brings in new oxygen, brings in new experiences, a new sense of self and my new found Quest for Inner Peace




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