My Summer Zen Moment

A lot has happened in the past few months that has made me rethink so many parts of my life. I've been humbled by so many of you in regards to all of your kind words about The8Top.. I've also been proud of my small part to help out our local community and charities through the Bread & Muffin for Charity program. It has meant a lot to me that you all have joined in with me to offer your support. I can't thank you enough and for putting up with an occasional miss-step.

It's been 8 years since I've moved up to the Adirondacks. There have been some major bumps in the road but with time and friends I've been able to come out on the other side healthy and Happy that I'm here. I have also been privileged to meet, in the past few months, some new faces that I now call my friends. Being a New Yorker by birth.. I was worried that it wouldn't happen up here, being an "outsider".. I'm happy that I was wrong. I would be remiss if I did not mention my core group.. you know who you are and I wouldn't have made it up here without you guys!

I've been getting up rather early these days. Getting onto the patio before the sweltering heat drives us all to the lake, or to our showers or to our offices with A/C.. I sit and place my mind on pause. I meditate among my birds and simply zen out a bit. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would ever consider meditation, I think I would have given you a weird look. I guess I'm getting mellower in my old age and find those little moments truly do me a great service. I've been using CALM by  Tamara Levitt on my Iphone. I'm just a beginner but love her voice. 

Winter, spring, summer and fall here in the ADK all have their own special qualities and pace of life. I now know we really only have basically two, maybe three seasons ( if you count mud seasons as one ). They all come with their challenges and their rewards. For my farmer friends its a time of harvest and hard (hot) work to provide the best produce money can buy. God Bless them all. The local food trucks crank out Crepes, Tacos, BBQ in this sweltering heat all for the love of feeding others. Folks it can get over 120F in those trucks and next to the fire pits so TIP THEM WELL please!! We who cook, we who farm and produce the food to nourish the souls of our neighbors are lovers of life!  I'm so happy to call of them my friends.

I recently had a bit of an epiphany. I cannot believe that its taken me 62 years to grasp this next concept. I watched a video a few days ago, some of you might have seen in it promoted on my FB page, if you have not, I respectfully ask you take a look at it, as it is Art all to itself. I will link it at the end. The Artist spoke about her passion of her art, her painting, her emotional connection to her art. I sat there mesmerized, realizing something that never hit me until that moment. 

Art can manifest itself in many forms. For me, I realized that my overwhelming passion for food, my passion to make others experience what I feel with my food, my attention to visual detail in plating, my construction and deconstruction of flavor profiles are, part and parcel, my little attempt at Art. Having parents who both lived and breathed art must of rubbed off on me even though I really did not spend much time with either of them throughout my life. I guess it's in my DNA. Being passionate, being focused, and being wiling to share those feelings with others to make them as happy as it makes me? It was My Summer Zen Moment.

The link for Holly Friesen's 5 min Movie! enjoy!!