..I Want You to be Happy

January 1999, at Ke'e beach,  Kauai timeshare , surprise renewal of vows on year # 7

January 1999, at Ke'e beach,  Kauai timeshare , surprise renewal of vows on year # 7

Over this past month, I've had some interesting events. My knee, of course, has been on top of the list. It has also brought me plenty of downtime from cooking for personal reflection. Some good, some sad, some happy and some growth learning, even at this young age of 62, I'm still learning. LOL - Thank God! Although some of these "lessons" are not as easy for me to learn.

I was flipping through some of the old pictures in my files ( when the hell did hard copy albums disappear?) and ran across this picture of my dear wife Linda and my daughter Lisa while we were vacationing at our timeshare in Hawaii circa 1999. It was a life-marker moment for us. I don't think I was ever happier than that day. I'm sure that most of you can imagine this one was a bit hard for me, but at the same time it has finally brought me a lot of joy.

Lin always said "no matter what happens I want you to be happy". For 25 years we always had each other's back. I think that's what true love is all about.

So here I sit, thinking about this past few months. It's been a bit of a ride for me. I'm always humbled by the successes that come my way and at times, confused at some of the failures that I have encountered. Learning from those moments can be difficult but that is what life is about, is it not?

I think happiness can manifest itself in many forms. So far, I have created happiness for myself as best as I can. Living in the ADK, cooking, my charity work, my friends, Veuve Clicquot, oysters, Le Bernardin, to name a few. For now, I keep moving forward, keep staying positive, keep moving my knees in the right direction, staying hopeful about my future and true to Lin's wish "I Want You to be Happy".