It's Just a Bowl

These past few months have been difficult in regards to many aspects of my world. Back to back surgeries has really put a cramp on my normal activities ie: cooking, blogging, taking Molly for drives etc.. It has forced me into cooking up quick meals to minimize standing in one place for too long. Hence the need to come up with food that is nutritious, easy on the eyes and tasteful.

Enter - The Bowl

The Bowl has many variations. It can warm you up with those comforting elements or it can excite you with cold, crisp, sweet, acidic, salty and/or fermented. It is, with its singularity, draws me to it each time I need simplicity in my life. To look into The Bowl, its complexity within, is soothing for me. In a weird way it’s a reflection of myself. I’ve been seeing myself as the Bowl lately. As this simple vessel that can hold so many textures, tastes and be complex or neutral. Each time I make the Bowl, it mimics my current overall status. It’s weird to think of it in these terms and I’m sure some of you are either laughing or like, WTF is he saying? but, I do know that some of you get it.. ( I know who you are )… LOL…


Cold and



Hot & Savory



But at the end of the day.. It’s Just The Bowl and I’m just a guy trying to fill it up with some good stuff.


Hiatus Update:

It’s day 12 of the second round of surgeries. It appears that this one, although initially easier, has turned out to be a different animal altogether as far as recovery is concerned. I do not see myself starting The8top anytime soon. I will be working on getting stronger and having a bit more endurance in front of the 8 top. I have tried here and there for myself but, as many of you know it is nothing like cooking up and prepping up for an 8top dinner. I’m thankful for my new found neighbors from the lake who have been a great help to me! I will continue to update as much as I can. Thank you all for your well wishes. I will see you at the table as soon as I can. JD

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