A Taste of Asia

My first visit to Japan was back in 1968.. I was ( believe it or not ) a child actor. OK stop laughing... I can see you!!! At that time I was attending Professional Children School. My buddy Daryl Glasser had just gotten the staring role as Oliver in Oliver Twist and begged me to audition for one of the supporting cast of young boys. Never acted a day in my life, never sang or danced a day in my life but got the part. Back then, the London adult cast was picked, but due to child labor laws they had to come to the US to get the kids. Six months in Tokyo at the Imperial Theater I was exposed to some crazy foods. Fast forward a few years and my second trip 1988ish was a bit different.. in a corporate G4 out of Teterboro airport to pick up the VP of Finance of "certain cosmetic line". He had a heart attack in Tokyo and was being flown back to the hospital I was working for as a Paramedic Supervisor. We had a small layover before we had to get him from the hospital and the company took us out for a crazy over the top meal and of course, presents for our wifes. The kimono I got for my wife was extraordinary and the food I ate had embedded itself in my mind to this day. Over the years, all types of Asian food have been a source of joy to cook and to eat. 

I've been thinking about this menu for a long time and hinted a few times that its coming down the pike.. I'm thrilled to give those of you who read my little blog a sneak peek.. I spent the day drafting the menu for April. It will be epic in scope to my normal offering. A kin to a dim sum experience, you will see some food from Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand. Some of my favorite flavor profiles will be prominent ie: Goshujang, ginger, fish sauce, black vinegar, mirin, and my homemade teriyaki sauce to name a few. Everything will have dipping sauces, sides of pickled veggies, and my house made kimchi. Dumplings three ways!! Hand rolls OH MY!!!and lets not forget DESSERT!!! how's mango and sticky rice grab ya?? Oh I cant wait for this one folks!! I say: Hell Yes to  A Taste of Asia!

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